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From Here To You is the sixth LP from the Naarm-based group, Squid Nebula. The band is fronted by Noongar musician and beloved Triple R Broadcaster, Bumpy, and also features members from Quality Used Cars, Bohjass, and Jake Amy’s ensemble. Celebrated for their cosmic groove and psychedelic disco style, Squid Nebula has refined this sound over roughly eight years, with regular appearances across city band rooms through to festivals like Strawberry Fields, St Kilda Festival, and BIGSOUND.

The new album delves into themes of change and acceptance, with songs that offer insightful perspectives on life and relationships. Complementing its introspective lyrics, the music pulsates with energy, mirroring the vibrancy of a Squid Nebula live performance.

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Squid Nebula

From Here To You

Squid Nebula