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Melbourne rockers Split System return with 'Vol. 2,' a dose of raw, live-wire energy, captured during sessions at Rolling Stock Studios. It fuses the blistering energy of their debut with bursts of melody.

At the album's core remains Split System’s signature sound - charged vocals, buzzsaw guitars, and relentless rhythms. Tracks like 'Temporary Freeze' and 'Dave' surge with circle-pit intensity. And there's an expanded sonic palette too, reflecting Split System's growth as songwriters. 'Alone Again' slows things down over chunky riffs reminiscent of The Strokes at their anthemic best, while the propulsive bass line on 'The Drain' nods towards post-punk influences.

Overall, Vol.2 shows Split System's ability to craft urgent, catchy rock music that pays homage to punk heritage while forging its own path. These songs solidify the band's place as a formidable force in the Australian rock scene, delivering a soundtrack for raucous nights and rebellious hearts.

Split System

Vol. 2

Split System