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One for the history books. In 2019, after years of anticipation, Sampa The Great releases her landmark debut album. It's an arrival, a statement of intent. And it's also, of course, The Return. Sampa The Great first landed with The Great Mixtape back in 2015, an unforgettable introduction filled with soul, jazz, funk and blues. Each song felt like a thrilling discovery, revealing the craft of a dedicated student and pioneering spirit. So it was again with follow-up Birds and the BEE9. Final Form, released only a couple of months ago, was the first signal of what to expect from Sampa's official debut. The single struck like lightning; thrilling horn stabs, thunderous drum breaks, and Sampa's unmistakable vocals: "young veteran, new classic". The Return is the sound of a globe traveling artist finding home within herself. Songs explore themes of freedom, expression, heritage and displacement. It celebrates the power of pure poetry, and moves with ease across styles and traditions, spanning neo-soul, classic hip hop, gospel, and spiritual jazz.

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Sampa The Great - The Return

The Return

Sampa The Great