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Róisín Machine is the latest record from Róisín Murphy, an artist influential in dance, pop, fashion, and club cultures across three decades. The album reflects the traditions and inspirations Murphy has been immersed in since her earliest clubbing experiences in the '90s. Speaking with Vogue magazine Róisín states "We wanted all the tracks to come together and feel like a dubbed version of a proper album, in a Larry Levan way—proto-punk, proto-house, proto-disco all mashing up together...I was reading a lot about Danceteria and the scene in Valencia at the same time, and it was all about that wild mix of people.” Working with long-time friend and collaborator DJ Parrot, Murphy captures the euphoria of a dancefloor with these new songs. Each track contains the pure style and invention that's been a signature throughout her career.

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Róisín Murphy - Róisín Machine

Róisín Machine

Róisín Murphy