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“Opelousafried" is the latest album from Melbourne’s swamp-blues powerhouse Opelousas, a follow-up to their award-winning 2019 debut. The album crackles with energy, showcasing the vibrant interplay between vocalist Kerri Simpson, guitarist Alison Ferrier, and drummer Anthony “Shorty” Shortte.

Simpson's vocals strike a balance between passion and vulnerability, blending New Orleans soul with rock influences. The lyrics explore everyday struggles: inner doubt on 'One Day at a Time,' paranoia on 'Haircut,' betrayal on 'Black Cat Dreams,' and the epic hangovers that inspired the album's title.

Ferrier's guitar and fiddle slide effortlessly along the same spectrum, from rawness to tenderness. Shortte's rhythms underpin it all, moving from hypnotic shuffles to full-on stomps.

ARIA winner Jeff Lang joins as guest producer, recording and mixing the album, and even creating film clips for 'Dear John' and 'James Dean'. He skillfully harnesses the band's energy and intimacy, amplifying the power of this accomplished lineup.

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