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‘Dark Green’ is the collaborative full-length debut from Melbourne-based folk musicians Lucy Roleff and Lehmann B Smith, both well known for their individual work.

As the album statement notes "Lucy is a classically trained musician and painter, whose childhood was immersed in European classical music, storytelling, and folk styles. Her solo work pays homage to these influences and aesthetically runs parallel to her acclaimed still-life paintings, evoking a sense of romanticism and otherworldliness stemming from everyday life.

Lehmann's musical resume spans credits with a number of heralded local indie outfits including Totally Mild, Pikelet, Grand Salvo, Laura Jean, and Kes Band. His discography, spread across twelve full-length LPs, emphasises experimentation on the foundations of rock, folk, and vintage pop music and has made him a sought-after name for local artists and international acts alike, including Bonnie Prince Billy and Sonny & the Sunsets."

'Dark Green' is a timeless folk collection, created during a remote, creative retreat at Skenes Creek on the Grand Ocean Road. Their acoustic arrangements and melodic orchestrations give space to meditations on the past and present. It's a musical exchange between kindred spirits imbued with freedom and possibility.

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Lucy Roleff & Lehmann B Smith

Dark Green

Lucy Roleff & Lehmann B Smith