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Gentle Confrontation is the third album by London-based electronic musician Loraine James for the legendary Hyperdub record label. It follows the debut of her ambient project named Whatever the Weather, and a recently released tribute album to the vital work of late US composer Julius Eastman.

For this record, James sought to make music that she would have cherished as a teenager. Ambient textures blend with the rhythmic pulse of electronica, jazz, and R&B. James plays with sounds of early '00s emo and math rock, even paying tribute to musical heroes such as DNTEL, Telefon Tel Aviv, and Lusine through the creative use of samples.

The resulting songs are layered and poignant, with distinct tonal shifts from track to track giving the album an almost shape-shifting quality. It becomes a space to express complex emotions, and across these songs, James reflects on the grief and loss she experienced in her childhood. It's also a moving document of personal and collective healing.

The album includes collaborations with peers like indie R&B singer KeiyaA and Black Midi drummer Morgan Simpson. Also featured are contributions from Marina Herlop, Corey Mastrangelo, Eden Samara, George Riley, and Contour.

With Gentle Confrontation, Loraine James offers a musical story of self-reflection and understanding. The intricate arrangements and touching lyrics provide a sincere look into the process of growth.

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Loraine James

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Loraine James