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Oh Me Oh My is the latest album from American musician, artist and art educator Lonnie Holley, out now on via Jagjaguwar.

Only 10 years into his extraordinary but unlikely musical career, Lonnie Holley has released his most definitive statement yet at age 73 — cementing his status as one of America's great contemporary auteurs. 

Containing genre touchpoints that reference kinetic funk, spiritual jazz and exploratory blues freakouts, Oh Me Oh My ultimately coalesces into something entirely its own.

The presence of musical luminaries Michael Stipe, Sharon Van Ettern, Moor Mother, Rokia Koné and Bon Iver may act as a siren song to draw the listener in, but it's Holley's aching meditations on grief, intergenerational trauma and survival that stay with you long after the music has ended.

Here, Lonnie Holley utilises dissonance not merely to shock, but to provide the necessary weight required to properly recollect a life lived on the margins. Producer Jacknife Lee (Bloc Party/R.E.M/Weezer) proves to be a perfect collaborator for Holley, giving his distinct stream of consciousness storytelling newfound structure and focus. 

Drawn from a place he’s described as “deep inside my eternal self,” ultimately the strength of Oh Me Oh My is the hope that Holley expresses in spite of the unspeakable hardship he has faced, mirrored perfectly by his emergence as a crucial artist in the twilight of his life.

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