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This Is What Happiness Looks Like is the new album from Kylie Auldist, an artist acclaimed for her solo work as well as collaborative releases with groups such as The Bamboos and Cookin' On 3 Burners. It's an especially apt title for a joyous set of electro boogie, funk and post-disco grooves, founded in the sounds of New York's club scene of the early '80s. Auldist says of the record: "Some albums are written fast, some take a long time, some albums experience setbacks, become beset by creative blocks and personal issues, and can generally be a whole lot of hard work which makes you question why you even bothered to start it in the first place - this was not one of those albums - hence the title This Is What Happiness Looks Like". Auldist channels uplifting energy into every song, from the opening soulful stepper Everythink to the heavy boogie workout of Fly Eq that leaves this party on a high note.

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Kylie Auldist - This is What Happiness Looks Like

This is What Happiness Looks Like

Kylie Auldist