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WARM is the first solo album of all original material from Jeff Tweedy, known as the longstanding leader of American rock group Wilco. Tweedy is also acclaimed as a collaborator and producer, working with the iconic Mavis Staples for her past three records, and previously with Billy Bragg for the two Mermaid Avenue albums. WARM arrives as a companion to Tweedy's recently published memoir, Let’s Go (So We Can Get Back), and finds Tweedy in a deeply reflective frame of mind as he writes on subjects spanning family, friendship, addiction, growing up, growing wiser and growing older. There's sadness and humour and a fire glowing at the centre of these restrained rock and country infused tracks. As Tweedy sings on the title track: “I keep some heat inside/Like a red brick in the summer/Warm when the sun has died.”

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Jeff Tweedy WARM


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