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HeadSpace is the latest album from electronic hip hop duo H31R (pronounced heir/air), formed by New Jersey producer/composer JWords and Brooklyn rapper/vocalist maassai. It builds on the blueprint of their stellar 2020 debut, ve·loc·i·ty. Outside of their solo works, the two artists also contributed to recent albums from Nappy Nina, including 2021's Double Down and 2023's Mourning Due.

JWords’ production absorbs and reimagines ideas from decades of dance music, drawing on Jersey club, juke, jungle, techno, bass, breaks, hip hop and IDM. maassai matches this technical virtuosity with her own versatile flow, delivering bars steeped in lyricism and introspection. It's a densely dimensional sound with songs exploring themes of resilience, creative expression, trauma, and healing.

Ultimately HeadSpace finds the duo continuing to push forward in their craft, inviting the listener to embrace their philosophy of perpetual becoming over static being.