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Destiny is the second album from Gregor. It's a collection of cinematic ballads, psychedelic rock, new wave grooves and experimental pop with all of the artists' signature imagination, ambition, playfulness, and poignancy. Lyrics invite introspection, and awe in contemplation of the natural world. Gregor's arrangements echo the sense of wonder, filled with an immense range of moods, and details. There's the easy pace of 'The Rock (and the stars)' which opens the album on the slow rhythm of a resting heartbeat, and gently rising synths. And then there's the crescendo of fuzz guitar, synths, and drum breaks on 'The Morning Light', as well as the soaring conclusion of 'A Night in Neptune', filled with orchestral swells and cosmic guitar lines. Destiny is an exhilarating, surprising, and rewarding ride through Gregor's unique musical universe.

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Gregor - Destiny