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'The Wonderful World of Nature' is both a spectacular debut and also a welcome return for Melbourne-based artist Elizabeth Mitchell. Following Mitchell's work in Totally Mild, Elizabeth represents a creative renewal, framed in an album statement as "a new patron saint of sad girls...a glamourous tragic, a queer pop anti-heroine holding a curtain of glittering melodies and catchy veneers over ugly truths." 'The Wonderful World of Nature' faithfully captures the incandescent glow of romance and the smouldering embers of fading love. 'Parties' is described by the artist as "about the lack you feel when you lose someone close to you and try to fill the void with cocktails and strangers." Elsewhere on 'Burn It All, Elizabeth sings slowly and carefully, to allow the full impact to be felt: “Heartbreak radio songs speak to me now.” The words fall heavy amidst reverb-heavy guitar lines and low paced drumbeats. These are heartbreak bangers to rival the best of them, cinematic and cathartic and unforgettable.

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Elizabeth - The Wonderful World of Nature

The Wonderful World Of Nature