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‘With Gusto’ is the second album from local group Eggy, comprising Dom Moore, Zoe Monk, Lucy Packham, Charlie Wolstenholme and Sam Lyons.

The title 'With Gusto' doubles as a guiding directive for the band. These songs were created with unrestrained energy and imagination. There's a range of imagery and emotion, matched by an equally unique inventory of instuments and objects. As it says on their release page, the new album's got "saxophone, strings, sandpaper, synths, carpet, piano, samples, feedback, surrealism and synergy. Pure EGGY."

Their label Flightless Records also note the melodic inspiraton of avant-pop experimentalists Stereolab, and the rhythmic and left field stylings of rock renegades Faust: "Eggy fuse together a sound that is at once fascinating and disconcerting.. As any imaginative odyssey should be."

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Eggy - With Gusto

With Gusto