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"Cling, Clang, Clutter" is the debut album from Melbourne trio Empat Lima, formed by Sooji Kim, Steph Bretta and Carla Ori. The record results from years of recording and traveling together; a vivid and varied release that explores everything from garage rock, no wave, and post-punk through to folk, Indonesian Dangdut, synth pop and beat. It's tempting to take the album title in reference to the playful percussion found here in abundance, but perhaps it also links to the band's creative philsophy. Cling Clang Clutter are three words are charged with rhythmic potential, full of energy, action and excitement: a mini manifesto for a band in constant search of new sounds, styles and inspiration.

Empat Lima Cling Clatter Clang album image

Cling Clang Clatter

Empat Lima