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'Reward' is the fifth studio album from the Welsh artist Cate Le Bon. The record was written over the course of a year while Cate also undertook an intensive 12 month furniture course at the prestigous Waters & Acland school. Both practices informed the other. Cate crafted songs with the same patience, invention and attention to detail as her unique items of furniture.

In an interview last year Jeff Tweedy said Cate Le Bon "is one of the best out there making music now. It’s really rare for people to have a specific sound anymore, but I can always tell when it’s her playing guitar. Whenever I try to figure out her guitar parts, they’re way harder than they sound." Deerhunter also recognised Cate Le Bon's singular skills, seeking her expertise to produce their most recent album. On 'Reward' Cate's unique creative vision is on full display. It's a carefully constructed collection of elegant melodies, bold pop arrangements, sharp unexpected corners and negative space. A rewarding listen that could only be made by an artist always seeking and accepting new challenges.

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Cate Le Bon - Reward


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