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No! is the debut album from Melbourne's electronic experimental quartet BIG YAWN. It's out via the Australian independent label Research Records, home to releases from Damo Suzuki Network, Mildlife, and Swazi Gold. The exclamation point in the album title is apt. Each song strikes with force. Recordings capture the electricity of four friends playing live, pushing each other to new limits in the studio. There's club-ready bass-heavy breaks, cavernous dub-disco grooves, post-punk synth riffs and industrial hip hop beats.

Describing their creative process, Big Yawn explain: “No! is the sum of its parts—it was two years of writing, recording, jamming, mixing and playing shows. It’s our own spin on the genres and styles that have parented and companioned our outside work downtime. It was many more years of just being friends and informal collaborators, sharing music and how-to’s.”

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Big Yawn - No!