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"Dakar Bamako," the third studio album from Melbourne-based Afro-Cuban ensemble Ausecuma Beats, is a vibrant collaboration that brings together fourteen musicians from Melbourne, Dakar, and Bamako. The album honours the intense creative energy in these cities, fusing West African highlife, boogie, afrobeat, and funk with contemporary influences from Melbourne's soul, jazz, and dance music scenes.

Bandleader Boubacar Gaye emphasizes the importance of connecting with the band's African heritage, and giving thanks to the teachers and communities that have shaped their music. A diverse range of musicians are featured, including Lamine Faye, Gaye's mentor and bass player, and Tiemoko Koné, a renowned rapper known as "The Lion". Koné's verses in the Bambara language carry a message of support for Mali during its political turmoil. It highlights the album's thematic core—a call for cooperation, and a celebration of the unifying power of music and dance.

As always, Ausecuma Beats aims to foster community, raise awareness, and inspire change. Through their joyous music and powerful messages, the band advocates for a more empathetic and interconnected world.

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Ausecuma Beats

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