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'All Mirrors' is the fifth album from North Carolina-based artist Angel Olsen, where soaring lyricism is matched by elevating synths and a 12 piece string section. Angel Olsen's Bandcamp page features a statement about the record: "Olsen’s flight is both upward and inward. On 'All Mirrors', we can see her taking an introspective dive towards internal destinations and revelations. In the process of making this album, she found a new sound and voice, a blast of fury mixed with hard won self-acceptance." (Even deeper insights on each song, are given by the artist here). The expansive, opening movements of 'Lark' and 'All Mirrors' set the scene for the cinematic pop and orchestral folk songs that follow, filled with grand romance and luminous blues.

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Angel Olsen - All Mirrors

All Mirrors

Angel Olsen