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"You shoulda seen his book collection/ It was all ‘how to socialise and how to make friends’/ Yeah I guess we both got our problems /And areas to improve / And I know one of mine is to go a night without sympathising with you"- How To Socialise and Make Friends by Camp Cope "How to socialise and Make Friends" is the second album from Camp Cope, the Melbourne trio comprising guitarist and songwriter Georgia Maq, bass player Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich and drummer Sarah Thompson. It begins with "The Opener", an anthemic takedown of double standards and sexism embedded in the music industry. As Georgia Maq expressed to Pitchfork in an interview: "It was so cathartic to release that and be validated by people being like, “This is my experience!” I needed to do it, especially after the last year and a half. Since the last record was released, we just got criticized about everything." The catharsis is mirrored in the music - punk and folk infused arrangements that sweep, soar and strike with profound impact. These new songs are personal, filled with keenly observed and deeply felt experience. And they are universal, with the strength to connect and empower. 

Camp Cope - How to Socialise & Make Friends

How to Socialise & Make Friends

Camp Cope