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Mother is the third in a trilogy of albums exploring and redrawing the Cretan folk tradition. In this memorable conclusion, George Xylouris and Jim White again combine their names and their formidable skills to craft immense and immersive musical landscapes.

Xylouris is a member of one of Greece's most celebrated musical families, and certain passages on Mother evoke ageless folk traditions; atmospheric lullabies and love songs set to Cretan lute melodies. His storytelling style is matched by the expressive percussive prowess of White, whose own talents are well known from work with Dirty Three, Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Cat Power, Will Oldham and others. The record balances playfulness with complexity, and plenty of surprise. Songs shift and evolve, responding to the improvised interplay of the two masters at work.

Xylouris White - Mother


Xylouris White