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Grant Gronewald is an exceptional artist: a prolific and profound music maker, illustrator and zine creator.  With long-time friend Oscar Key-Sung, Grant formed Brothers Hand Mirror and Lossless, two projects known for artful and abrasive beats and lyrics. As HTMLflowers Grant has made many solo tracks over the years, and 'Chrome Halo' is his debut full-length under the name. It's a powerful reflection of Grant's craft and life, with subjects ranging from love, friendship, sacrifice, and isolation - all examined with piercing insight. His experiences living with chronic illness are referenced in the title of the album, an image of the metallic illumination found in hospitals where Grant spends an increasing amount of time.  Chrome Halo is a transfixing record, rich in detail. Grant has written about each track in a feature for Sydney's FBi radio: in the song Sleep Good for instance, Grant sings "I can see the sun upon your back", a Kazakh phrase which means "thank you for being you, I am here because of your help." Written for a specific someone, it also signals a greater interconnectedness at the heart of the album, an honouring of relationships. Significantly, contributions to the record arrive from close friends and collaborators Oscar Key Sung, Becky Sui Zhen, Marcus Whale, Banoffee and Felicity Yang.

HTMLflowers - Chrome Halo

Chrome Halo