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Sampa The Great is truly a masterful artist. Her deep knowledge, passion and skill shines through each release. First was "The Great Mixtape", a powerful introduction filled with poetry, soul, jazz, funk and blues. Each song felt like a thrilling discovery, revealing the craft of a dedicated student and pioneering spirit. So it is again with "Birds and the BEE9", another stunning collection of work that showcases the unique vision of Sampa The Great. The record explores themes of identity, politics, pain, growth and healing, spanning sounds of neo-soul, hip hop, gospel, and spiritual jazz. Production and other contributions arrive from progressive peers Sensible J, REMI, Alejandro ‘JJ’ Abapo, Kwes Darko, Syreneyiscreamy, Mwanje Tembo and Zaachariaha.

Sampa The Great - Birds and the BEE9

Birds and the BEE9

Sampa The Great