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“Time Is Golden” is a profound testament to the gifts of its author, Adrian Slattery, and the extended family around him. A singularly talented songwriter and singer, Adrian was an integral member of Melbourne’s music community, known also for his work with Major Major, and involvement in the scene surrounding The Smith Street Band and Yeo among others. Adrian passed away in May this year, a year after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. "Time Is Golden" stands as a legacy, but as Adrian himself said: “this is not the story of heartbreak or of illness, it is the story of living and all that it entails.”

The songs - produced over an intensive four-month recording period - draw upon years of craft and creativity. Anchored in soulful country sounds, they reflect a love of any music that moves you, whether it be a waltz, a rolling rock ballad, or soaring pop melody. Each composition is intricately detailed and beautifully realised, carrying a spirit that reaches far, along roads, across distances and stretches of time. It concludes with the astonishing “Honey, I”, an urgent, propulsive rhythm that builds to a chorus that catches your breath, the depth and tone in Adrian's voice as he sings the lyric of the title expressing everything that cannot be said.

Time Is Golden

Big Smoke