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The Nullarbor plain occupies a unique place in the Australian consciousness: a vast, arid region entirely devoid of trees; the world's largest limestone bedrock plain that stretches for hundreds of thousands of square kilometres. It's a harsh territory that must be crossed when making the journey from the west to east coast of Australia. It's significant in the history and identity of friendships, the audio visual project of Nic and Misha. Nic grew up in remote Western Australia, and made the journey to Melbourne where he was introduced to the artworks of Misha at a gallery opening. A creative partnership was formed: Misha's projections and paintings combined with Nic's productions to form intricate installations and hyperkinetic live shows. Expressionism and rave, internet art and drum n bass, regional dance music styles and Australian gothic ideas all intersect. The results are personal, universal, beautiful, brutal, expansive and immersive. Nullarbor 1988-1989 is the debut full length from friendships, and represents an immense territory to be lost and found in, a journey that rewards the intrepid.

Nullarbor 1988-1989