Zaffre, Isadora, Thorne


7:00 pmThursday, 18 July 2019


Mr. Boogie Man

160 Hoddle St, Abbotsford

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This is the birth of a new name, new phase, new game, two women born different but of one and the same.

This is the ZAFFRE and Empress live album release. An explorative live experiment and collaboration of mixed mediums, of dance, DJ-ing and improvisational poetry. This live album will only happen ONCE, a one night release, NO spotify, NO itunes, NO souncloud, NO band camp, not even youtube-just a live showing which ventures through RnB grooves to get you moving, panting and sweating along for an adventurous release.

For a first ever premier collaboration Soul/Jazz Rock infused powerhouse performer Zaffre joins forces with DJ and producer royalty: Empress to release her long awaited live album ‘indigo’.

she’s temptation, she’s the viper, the apple and eve, lust, love, fear, all the relationships I’ve been hurt in, all the relationships I’ve hurt someone else in, all the men that have hurt me, all the women that have despised me, all the times I have hurt myself. I don’t even know her. But sometimes she’s me. And sometimes she’s fate.

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