Yeah Don't Care 'Loser' Single Launch, Slim Jeffries, Gold Minds, Uva Ursi [Upstairs], Lalic Album Launch, Rhysics, Enola, Six Headed Snake [Band Room]


8:00 pmFriday, 6 December 2019



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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Melbourne brat punks Yeah Dont Care are bringing back the sounds of your teenage years. Consisting of Joshua Stephens, Hayley Francis and Paulus Herewini, the band has half bleached hair, tattoos your mum doesn't like an attitude that makes you think 'dam these guys are nice' yet still just a bunch of brats.

With an almost Californian punk style, YDC are releasing a series of loud, fast and semi-sad singles in 2019. Their latest track 'Loser' will be out late November.


♥ Z Tapes Records presents ♥

the seventh album by serbian/australian freakshow/trainwreck Lalic, "I DO NOT DESERVE THIS CATHARSIS" is being released thru slovakian label Z Tapes Records, celebrated by a night of live music with Rhysics, ENOLA and Six Headed Snake ♥

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