WTF Tuesdays: Art of Sweeping (Roberts/Doo) & Anderson/McEvoy (ADL)/Gunnoo/Dasika


7:30 pmTuesday, 18 October 2022


Brunswick Green

313 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

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WTF Tuesdays are back at the Green! A new series mixing up jazz improv sessions- contemporary classical- and live scores to classic movies.

This Tuesday features sets from Art of Sweeping (Papa Joe Roberts & Andrew Doo) & Kyrie Anderson

The Art of Sweeping

Having previously only played high-energy dance music together, Joe and Andrew are thrilled to be taking things in a new direction. These compositional frameworks explore the relationship between repetition, monotony, revelation and emergence through improvisation.

Papa Joe Roberts - Baritone Saxophone

Andrew Doo - Drum Kit

Anderson / McEvoy (ADL) / Gunnoo /Dasika

Kyrie Anderson - drum kit

David McEvoy - piano

Isaac Gunnoo - double bass

Niran Dasika - trumpet

Music from 8:30pm // Tickets $15 (or pay what you can at the door)


*Banner art is "Thanksgiving is cancelled. Best Wishes, The Native Americans" by John Lurie

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