Wilber Cabbage & The Polar Frenzy, Natasha Trinkle Trio


7:30 pmWednesday, 28 November 2018


Brunswick Green

313 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

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Who or what is Wilber Cabbage?
We stand elevated and make noise that is not too dissimilar from the reverberations of delicious multicolored space bread. It’s not a joke, it’s just occasionally terrifying.
Originally from the south-east but can be seen riding bikes around the inner-north a lot more these days. Available for small gigs, weddings, saloon fights, corporate events, intergalactic raids, as well as tea parties. Patrons must bring their own safety helmet and be sure to dress appropriately.

Natasha Trinkle is an improvising cellist and composer passionate about exploring creative ways to incorporate the cello into improvised music and jazz contexts. She attended the Creative Music Intensive program run by the Australian Art Orchestra in 2017, and has performed as an improvising cellist in several ensembles including Movement 9.

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