Wedding Ring Bells Vinyl Fundraiser feat: Monnone Alone, WRB Listening Party, Culte, WRB All Star Band UPSTAIRS Wild Horses, Skizologic, Gumi & More... BANDROOM (arvo)


3:00 pmSaturday, 2 February 2019



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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Wedding Ring Bells was the final solo project of Fergus Miller, aka Bored Nothing. Released only on Bandcamp and less well known than his BN project, it is nevertheless a masterpiece. It is more intimate and stripped back than BN, many songs consisting of little more than acoustic guitar and Ferg’s syrupy voice, it is a slept-on masterpiece. Echo Room, a label run by Ferg’s older brother Marcus, wants to release this gem on vinyl for the first time - and we need your help! Come down to the Gaso on Feb 2 (the day before Ferg’s birthday) and drop a few bucks in the tin to help us make this possible. Featuring live music (special guests Cool Change + more TBA) and a special listening of the digital remaster before it goes off for pressing.

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