Way Shit, Girl Germs, Glomesh, Varsity Cheerleader [FRONT BAR] Ayn Randy (NZ), Axilism, Pest, Hacker, Pallet (SYD) [UPSTAIRS] Shogun & the Sheets (NSW) with special guests [BANDROOM]


7:00 pmSunday, 21 April 2019



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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Welcome to Resomania! Way Shit are coming to you every Sunday in April for a free show at The Tote front bar, and we are bringing some of our favourite band along with us.


Friends from over the sea AYN RANDY, ft members of Rogernomix, Poverty&Spit and more. Supporting cast of local organised music groups AXILLISM, PEST and HACKER. Special guest stars PALLET from Sydney. Ten dollarmoneys.

A somewhat early show AND it’s a public holiday so really I’m making it easy for you. Just... come on, come along please. Please.


Punk is for squares, this is Shogun & The Sheets! The brand-new band from ex-Royal Headache front-man Shogun. Don’t expect Royal Headache 2.0 though. Drawing on experiences of addiction, hurt and hope, Shogun’s musical aspirations here are emboldened and sharpened. Riveting, downcast, charismatic and complex. More soul than punk-rock. The Sheets are a band formed from teenage friends who in Shogun’s own words “play like motherfuckers“ - they're providing a new platform for one of the most celebrated voices of the Australian underground.

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