Warped, K5, Persecution Blues (arvo), Diamonds Of Neptune (Vinyl Launch) with Treats, Charlie McCosh (evening)


1:00 pmSaturday, 8 February 2020


Workers Club

51 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

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Join Warped, K5 and Persecution Blues for an afternoon of Rock’n’Roll at the Worker’s Club in the third edition of the Livewire-Live series of matinees on Saturday February 8th. Fun begins at 1pm and kids can come along! (Bring earplugs) Everything should wrap up around 6pm.


Diamonds of Neptune are a five-piece Melbourne band with a unique take on the indie/rock genre. They are at times reverberant, soulful and emotive, and at others fast paced and super catchy. Their slower songs transport you into the centre of a lyrical and instrumental story, and when they end it’s like waking from a dream. They take you on a journey from a trance-like state to truly great rock that will have you shaking on the dance floor.

Diamonds of Neptune are Matt Whitbourne (vocals), Adriaan Troise (guitar), Annthoni Motti (piano/synth), Alex Newton (bass) and Scott Barton (drums). The guys got together in 2012, and have been regulars since arriving on the Fitzroy/Brunswick music scene. They are serious musicians dedicated to producing great tracks and staying true to their sound. A unique blend of personalities that clearly have a musical chemistry that works, the guys are always up for a party and have a blast playing live.

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