Void Of Vision with Diamond Construct, The Beautiful Monument & The Motion Below


7:00 pmThursday, 17 November 2022


The Barwon Club Hotel

509 Moorabool St, South Geelong

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The most sonically striking and visually elaborate release to spawn from the Void Of Vision collective to date, CHRONICLES II: HEAVEN will be unleashed in April 2022. 

The second chapter in the CHRONICLES saga, HEAVEN draws its namesake from the band’s newfound sense of direction and purpose, an understanding through which they have found heaven on earth. Each of the EPs larger-than-life, cinematic and grandiose elements speak to Void Of Vision’s increased certainty of self as people and creatives. In particular, frontman Jack Bergin has undergone a startling personal transformation over recent years: musically, lyrically and visually, the HEAVEN EP is the ultimate representation of this profound new revelation – this blissful, heaven-like way of moving through life – and it deserved the title to match.

HEAVEN springboards off Jack’s journey on 2021’s CHRONICLES I: LUST EP, where classic VOV angst and self-loathing tendencies were swapped for embracing personal growth. “[CHRONICLES I:] LUST bettered me as a person, but this solidified me as one,” he reflects of HEAVEN’s creation process; “I realised that you really have to delve into the darkest parts of yourself to let that light shine through, to truly find happiness.” 

While tones of darkness and melancholy still protrude throughout HEAVEN’s in turn angular and soaring sonic-scapes, it’s a masterful straddling of the light and the dark that truly define this latest release, and indeed, its authors. Whilst the substance of the overall message is imbued with hope and light, many of Jack’s lyrics remain dark and introspective, speaking to the conflict that still rumbles within parts of himself. 

“There’s definitely more confidence and experimentation injected in everything… within the musicality, the song writing, and the lyrics,” he shares. “I'm exuding emotionally in ways I never have before; for example these are the first love songs from VOV ever created. I’ve never touched on love, romance or heartbreak before, and that’s something I'm really proud of having expressed and am excited for people to hear.” 

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