Virtual Exhibition: Death In A Box


4:00 pmSaturday, 31 October 2020


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Bringing the gallery to you! Explore artworks and listen to speakers sharing positive perspectives on the once uncomfortable topic of death.

Do you miss walking around a white cube gallery awkwardly drinking a tinnie and trying to figure out who you're cool enough to talk to? Weirdly enough I kind of do, so let’s try and bring the best parts of a gallery opening to the internet!
EACExhibitions has curated the exhibition ‘Death in a Box’. The aim is to provide viewers with insight into how art can destigmatize and unite people under the idea of death. Although it may feel uncomfortable, or something we want to distance ourselves from it, we believe in art to bring positivity and light to this tough topic.
The ‘Death in a Box’ launch event will take place over Zoom on October 31st. We'll ‘walk around' the exhibition together, listen to some amazing speakers, and have a chat with the featured artists!

Our speakers for the evening:
Margherita Coppolino ; an influential disability and inclusion consultant who will talk to us about the importance of inclusivity in the arts!
Samantha Rennie ; she has 25 years of experience as a nurse, facilitator, educator and therapist. She’ll empower us in a compassionate and fun way around the topics of trauma, death, loss, and grief.
Dr Pia Interlandi ; an academic at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, where she teaches in the Bachelor of Fashion (Design) and the Graduate Certificate in Textile (Forensics). In 2013 she completed her PhD '[A]Dressing Death: Fashioning Garments for the Grave' in the School of Architecture and Design. She will speak to us about her internationally recognized practice-led research that traverses between the fashion and funeral industry. Pia uses co-design research methodologies and the 'tools' of fashion to address rituals and realities of dying, death, disposal and dispersion.

So buy a locally brewed tinnie, put on some eyeliner, and pop in at 4 pm on October 31st!

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    Streamed live on the internet