Violent Demise, Shane & the Dog Cunts, Cast Off Party


7:30 pmSaturday, 16 November 2019


Last Chance Rock n Roll Bar

238 Victoria St Melbourne

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The casts are off and the gloves are on as Violent Demise and Shane & the Dog Cunts square off in a bone crushing battle of epic proportions at the home of plastered livers and limbs: the Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar.

The Dog Cunts will be pulling out a whole heap of new gimmicks to make up for their lack of talent including Shanes Big Woody Throw… that’s right a whole carton of Woodstock Bourbon cans being pelted into the audience by some pissed bloke in a moon boot, a new acrobatic routine featuring ropes like that Pink singer used to do and another new drummer (because the actual drummer is going to drop MDMA and do the Melbourne Shuffle at some shithouse dance festival because he’s a hippie fuck)

What will Violent Demise be bringing to the stage?

Fucked if we know.

They could probably just get up and play songs because they have talent and shit.

Probably even rehearse and shit…

There’s also going to be a nugget eating competition and late-night karaoke.

So, break out the x-ray machines, bring a friend who’s an orthopaedic surgeon and strap in for a night of punk rock loveliness at the Last Chance with Violent Demise and Shane & the Dog Cunts!

It's a cast off party y'all!

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