UNMUTED Festival


Starts 2:00 pm, 10 October 2020Ends10:00 pm, 17 October 2020

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UNMUTED is a week-long festival to make public the songs and stories of artists who experience mental ill health. Presented by Wild At Heart, the festival will feature over 30 artists from metro and regional Victoria performing original songs and talking about their lives.

UNMUTED is part of Mental Health Month and kicks off on World Mental Health day, Saturday 10 October. The festival will be delivered across a network of community and mainstream radio stations, through an online program of live events and daily on social media. Full program details will be at unmutedfestival.com soon

UNMUTED aims to entertain, engage and inform audiences in order to reduce stigma and poor understanding around mental illness. Storytelling and songs are age old ways for us to share human experiences and to humanise subjects which can be under and misrepresented in mainstream media. The festival will unmute the voices of those who live the experience themselves and show their lives and creativity matter.

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