U-Bahn, Traffik Island, Planet Slayer (Front Bar) Erin Will Be Mad - EP Launch, Mares, Cracker La Touf, Pinch Points, Boats & Dead End (Bandroom)


5:00 pmSunday, 26 August 2018



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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Erin Will Be Mad are the combined forces of Jade Stevens, Julz Evans, Tina Xuan Nguyen and Ellen Duhig. Together they weave a hypnotic presence on stage, presenting a rich sonic palette of moody, dark-indie-rock that commands your attention. Their forthcoming EP is haunting and loaded with melancholic-tinged interludes and harmonies that will leave little hooks in your heart. Don’t be fooled by this dramatic description, it’s as catchy as a frisbee at a dog park!

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