T.Y. with Peak Park [upstairs] Our Carlson [downstairs]


7:30 pmFriday, 3 February 2023



484 Smith St, Collingwood

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High School friends and music enthusiasts ELLE (Ellen, 26) and SEZ (Sarah, 25), make up the singer/songwriter duo T.Y.

Coming Straight from Grapevine Music Festival, This dynamic duo along with Ronan (Bass Player) and Callum (Drummer) are ready to take their music scene to the next level.

Putting their all into music since childhood, they are no strangers to the world of music and the hard work that goes into creating amazing, engaging tunes for all.

Inspired by artists such as BTS, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa and Sia, T.Y love all genres of music and aim to create music embracing all styles. With their honest and relatable lyrics and broad range of genres, they are ready to bring their unique style to the Melbourne music scene and beyond


Forthcoming conspiracy theory laden, name dropping haven of a track Hyperbolic Paraboloid with a thumping club ready Acid remix by Vessa out Thursday the 24 of November on BDSM-420 Records.

Just chuck it in after “ Much”- Released jan 2021 on BDSM-420 Much”- Records.”

Our Carlson has been on a the ride of his life playing the Forum once with Cash Savage and

The Last Drinks and again for Rising with Baxter Dury, cult festival Inner Varnika and pretty much everywhere else in Narrm/‘victoria’. Ranting over Breakbeats Jungle and Dub about lived experience of living with epilepsy, depression, anxiety, PTSD. It is dark but full of humour. Our Carlson is disabled but fully aware of the patriarchal privilege he has grown up under. The normalisation of menstruation, the smashing of the patriarchy and fact that disabled people are sexy will be the themes of the day. After being diagnosed with epilepsy at age 33, Our Carlson’s frustration with the medical system and the fragility of the human mind has exploded into the most exciting, and upsetting, ambient breaks of today on the album “A Bit Much”- Released jan 2021 on BDSM-420 Records.

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