Trip beats Vol. 9 feat; Mickey Space, Kundalini Project, Mr. Manifold & The Resolution, Sikander


8:00 pmSaturday, 23 November 2019


Bar Oussou

653 Sydney Road, Brunswick

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Mickey Space

Having been re-baptized “Mickey Space” this formidable character has come out with his incredulous story! “I was abducted by aliens!! True story~! They prodded and messed with my DNA which seems to have resulted in this unfathomable ability to DJ like no one has ever before...”

The result speaks for itself... we recently witnessed his performance at Happy Daze Festival in FNQ and the result is incredulous! This man has become a DJ legend, selects the finest tracks, remixes on the fly and all the while pounces up and down on stage with an energy that can only have been infused by aliens!!

Kundalini Project

The Kundalini Project and live show enables audiences with the soundtrack to tap into their deep earthy serpent energy, sliding through lush flowing textures, undulating on deep rolling basslines and frenetically vibrating on staccato percussive sounds.

Coupled with all the right builds and drops, Kundalini Project gives the listener and dancefloor a variety of inspiration to really create some dancefloor alchemy.

Mr. Manifold & The Resolution

Introducing the multiverse of Electric-Funk-Hop that is Mr. Manifold and the Resolution. A polychromatic synthesis of beats, vox and horns, painting with wavelengths and sculpting with frequencies. This party of performers brings the stage to life with sonorous vocals, soaring saxophone, weeping guitar, bottomless bass and ferocious poetry fired with sensational zeal, that will get the crowd jumping and the heart thumping. Mr. Manifold and the Resolution is a pure manifestation of entertainment as all the members are resolved to giving everyone a good time.


Sikander are a Melbourne based outfit blending elements of dubby-disco, hip hop, and global bass, with silky sitar-fuzz and twisted Bolly-funk. Members include Docta Deep on the machines, Mystik on electric sitar and guitar, Nifty on sax and machines, the Tiger on vocals, and Emkew on the Mic.

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