Tram Gaitero, DjJesusGuzman (arvo) Poise, Context (evening)


2:00 pmSunday, 25 August 2019


Workers Club

51 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

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After a great debut last year, Tram Gaitero is now bringing more Venezuelan traditional folk music to Australia. Playing traditional gaita and tamboreras, they bring the festive warmth to the winter. The mix of traditional percussion and folk instruments makes this the perfect occasion to party hard, the Venezuelan way.

DJ Jesus Guzman will be bringing a lot of dance tunes and heavy 90’s nostalgia to the event. Bring your dance shoes and prepare to have a good time!


POISE is a improvising council bent on resolving ever transforming sonic enigmas through an ordered doctrine and an affinity for disarray. The phonetic state communes in evolving stories and mystic cycles to obfuscate symmetry, tame the dragon, the people revolt and the crane flies.

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