Tote Pit: Daddy Issues w/ Primary High + The Coffins


8:30 pmThursday, 28 July 2022



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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Hailing from four of the farthest corners that Melbourne’s public transport system can physically take a person, Daddy Issues is a four piece all-girl punk band that began to take its current form in early 2017. The women in this band revel in the crunch of a distortion pedal, the thunder of a solid kick, and the cathartic snarl of a woman scorned.

Melbourne trash punk trio PRIMARY HIGH present high energy sonic experiments, thrashing out blistering sounds and shredded vocals encapsulated in punchy tunes with nothing to lose..

The Coffins bring raw, unbridled sass to punk music. Guitarist Max, Drummer Matt and Bassist Kaylah brought together their mix of far flung influences in early 2020. Soft, sexy and raw. Deep, full-bodied and yellow. The Coffins will have you thrashing about in a fit of ecstasy one moment and clinging tenderly to your lover the next.

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