Tom Fryer Band, The Confabulations, Bottom Up


6:30 pmWednesday, 26 May 2021


Bar 303

303 High St, Northcote

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The Confabulations

The Confabulations are a Melbourne based sonic exploratory and music improvisational duo.

Sax FX and Drums says it all.

Carl Polke - sax and processing |Chris Lewis – drums

8 pm

Bottom Up

A new group mining the riches from the groove traditions of West Africa-Minimalism &

old fashioned magic.

Joseph Franklin – bass |Adam Halliwell – guitar |Julien Wilson – sax |Ronny Ferella - modified drumset

9 pm

Tom Fryer Band

The Tom Fryer Band returns to 303 with an eclectic blend of World/Jazz influences.

Tom Fryer- fretless/fretted guitar | Phil Day – trumpet |

Adrian Sherriff – keys | Nick Delaney – bass | Ryan Menezes - drums

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