Tiarn Toni and Brittle Sun


8:00 pmWednesday, 27 July 2022


Drunken Poet

65 Peel St, West Melbourne

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Tiarn Toni (8pm) is a singer-songwriter, producer and composer based in Naarm (Melbourne, Victoria). A deeply creative and multi-disciplinary artist, Tiarn explores music through the lens of dance and design, creating cinematic inspired music that evokes mystery and emotion.

With smokey undertones and a unique and distinctive Australian vocal sound, Tiarn aims to take the listener on a reminiscent journey of love, loss and hope through raw but elegant lyrics and lush piano composition.

Brittle Sun (9pm) are a bluesy, psychedelic garage folk band from Melbourne. With soulful vocals that are as fragile as they are powerful, they weave lyrical narrative with stripped back grooves and evocative melodies. In 2017 the released their EP ‘Elemental Skin’ which was followed up by ‘Space Dogs and Orphans’ in 2018. They released ‘Little Blue Heart’ in 2020. In 2022 they released the single ’This Lovesick Heart’.

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