Thrall, Endless Loss (ADL - EP Launch), Sufferance, Gravepeeler


10:00 pmSaturday, 12 November 2022


Last Chance Rock n Roll Bar

238 Victoria St Melbourne

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Tortured thrashing black metal of immense power, forged with elements of crust and doom. THRALL's 2022 album “Schisms” (Brilliant Emperor/Impure Sounds) ferociously spirals into abyssal madness with relentless fury.


Archaic occult black spells of death... Relentless war chants... A chariot emerges from the fog...

ENDLESS LOSS exist lurking in the eternal realms of obscurity. Silent since a 2016 demo, ENDLESS LOSS are now triumphantly entering a new era of total war with the "Bloodletting Narcotic Divination" EP. Ancient, esoteric black metal, burdened with down-tuned, rotten death marches trudging into the bowels of savagery.


Murderous old-school death metal madness. The SUFFERANCE 2021 demo “For the Madness Beyond” (Bitter Loss) strikes relentlessly with pummeling, shredding total death.


Rotten decaying death from unhallowed crypts of brutality. The self-titled GRAVEPEELER 2022 release spews classic death metal carved from putrid flesh.

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