7:00 pmSunday, 9 June 2019


Post Office Hotel

229-231 Sydney Road Coburg

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Thibault are a new 4-piece jazz pop band made up of Nicole Thibault, Julian Patterson,Zak Olsen, James Cecil and Brent Zmrhal who have at some time featured in bands as varied and esteemed as Clag, Minimum Chips, Architecture in Helsinki, Kes, Mum Smokes, Small World Experience, The Ancients, Traffik Island etc.They play melodic wig out space jams that sound like they have possibly travelled back in time to Paris in the 60’s but also to the future where robots have taken over the world.

Maya-dreamer have released 2 albums over the last decade Love Is Your Destiny " It’s baroque pop in the mode and scale of Burt Bacharach or Pet Sounds. The layers are as heady as the sentiments are sunny and hopeful (see the album title)". Doug Wallen, mess+noise and the more experimental Light of the World ' Listed in 'The best albums of 2016' by the Inside Sleeve 'Beautiful melodies wrong footed by meandering chords, the arrangements are seductive and disorienting" The 6 piece group are all prepared to record their 3rd album in July this year and are excited to present this new music at The Post Office Htl , exploring minimalism, chorals, vocal hocketing and harmonies, pocket symphonies over experimental pop.

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