The Up Dogs (feat. Mista Monk) + Noneohone (MATINEE 4:30pm) - Koolooz + Dreams Burn Down + Godfire (evening)


4:00 pmSaturday, 19 June 2021


Bar Open

317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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Come check out The Up Dogs ft Mista Monk and Noneohone LIVE @ Bar Open!!!
A Night of Electronic music and funky Hip Hop that will keep your body warm until the end of winter!
Get excited to hear the collaborative new project of one of Melbourne's iconic rappers "Mista Monk" commonly know for his work with The Black Jesus Experience, supported by a live 4 piece band!


A melding of circuitry and sinew. Koolooz are not intertested in tying up loose ends. Unexplained aerial phenomena, a reptilian beast rising from the sewers, the far reaches of the human psyche. Throughout the chaos there may be reverberations of metal, jazz, dub weaved amongst quasars of puslating syncopated synths. Dreams Burn Down is the Darkwave/POSTPUNK solo project of Naarm based Trans producer Scarlett Shred (she/her). Her sounds offers a potent mixture of Gothic punk, shoegaze, industrial and dark synth pop, perfect to dance in a dark corner to. GodFire is a free-improvising sound duo that releases every note that it plays. Utilising the drum kit and the bass guitar as the core of their sound, a GodFire live set is typically short, visceral and intense.

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