The Tuckshop Order, Forever Renter, Monsteria


7:00 pmFriday, 7 September 2018


The Evelyn Hotel

351 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, 3065, VIC

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Way, way outta school, this three-piece channels the recalled angst of teenagerhood, using post- punk and sooper-charged rock.

Girl Power classics from Spice Girls, Sugababes, Destiny’s and Atomic Kitten are recognisable along with the original anthems and wallflower laments, driven home with distorted sincerity.

Easy/Lazy V (vocals, guitar), Mrs. B (drums, vocals) and Baby, Baby D (bass, vocals) have all been around the block enough to fight over leading position. With three vocalists, there’s bound to be conflict but pressure makes diamonds and pretty good entertainment.

This is a band you cannot and should not ignore; their gig card is filling up so catch them early – before their egos inevitably take over.

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