The Tipplers (Front Bar 5:30pm)


5:30 pmSunday, 8 May 2022


Bar Open

317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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Gaudy, bawdy and borderline boozy, the Tipplers are a Melbourne based Irish band consisting of guitar, mandolin, fiddle and cello. Performing a mix of old Irish traditional folk tunes and some newer favourites they are sure to get tongues tippling and toes tapping. The band provides a platform to present a musical culture spanning centuries.

Since forming in mid 2013 the Tipplers have been playing consistently around Melbourne. They’ve played numerous gigs locally, played festivals around Melbourne and regional Victoria and have been featured in an advertising campaign for Black Swan dips.

The music is shrouded in sorrow, sentiment and hilarity, with a reproachful gaze at melancholy and a watchful eye on optimism, much like Mother Ireland herself. Upbeat and down and dirty this is one Irish outfit that won't leave you feeling green.

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