The Skids - Live Stream - ‘Unplugged’ and in conversation


5:00 amMonday, 24 August 2020

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From school punk to modern day film producer, Richard Jobson has lived a full and colourful life. He was a mere 15 years old when he launched the punk rock band SKIDS in 1977 with his songwriting partner Stuart Adamson.

With hit singles including the immortal 'Into The Valley', after four albums the SKIDS folded and Jobson formed The Armoury Show whilst Adamson moved on to form his new band Big Country.

His life has now gone full circle, and in 2017 Jobson reactivated the SKIDS.

Following the success of the 2018 release "BURNING CITIES", the band’s first new material since 1981 and fired up by the fan response on the band’s 40th Anniversary Tour, they recorded their first ever acoustic album 'PEACEFUL TIMES'. The record saw the reinterpretation of songs from the bands different phases and from every album.