The Sinsemillian, Electric Funeral & Krackers and Koolaide (arvo) Kotlas Begemot, Crust and Eris (evening)


7:45 pmSunday, 7 August 2022


Bendigo Hotel

125 Johnston Street, Collingwood

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Ballarat's resident Psychedelic Metal outfit The Sinsemillian is coming to Bendigo Hotel on Sunday August 7th to launch their debut album 'Peering Out Through The Cosmos’

Come down and enjoy Sunday arvo beers and live music.

With Electric Funeral & Krackers and Koolaide


Back at the beer hall the party had started. Dragons hung entrails from metal frames. A red carpet rolled out at the foot of the stargate. Fluorescent urine radiated from the tiles. It was cold yet nobody danced. Instead the party-goers migrated seasonally between the taps and the deck until it was announced that the taps were running dry and thus, following a rush to down all the hot, black fluid that remained, with no cause to stay they set out into the salty night. Passing the many ships at the jetty with lights staring out like the eyes of the ghosts of the people who were disposed of and buried along this coastline over the centuries.

Anyway, the Kotlas Begemot will be playing at the Bendigo Hotel on the 7th of August supported by Crust and Eris. $10. Doors at 7pm

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